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How therapy with naltrexone pellet implant can help in drug addiction recovery?

Naltrexone and Alcoholism

Naltrexone alcohol addiction treatment on naltrexone clinics in Europe – Dr.Vorobiev
Naltrexone therapy in Europe

Naltrexone vs Methadone

Treatment with naltrexone or methadone? Which treatment solution is better and safer? 

Naltrexone Detoxification

Rapid opiate detoxification with naltrexone treatment. What are the main advantages of ...

Low-cost implant program at a reputable naltrexone treatment centre

Welcome to the webpages of naltrexone clinic Dr Vorobiev, well-known addiction recovery hospital in Europe that provides high quality alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation. With decades of experience in successful practice of addiction therapy with patients from all over Europe, substance abuse treatment center in Belgrade today is a reputable international hospital and one of the best rehab centres in the world. Experienced team of highly skilled and qualified medical proffesionals at Dr Vorobiev have 90% rehabilitation succes rate in a long history of managing addiction treatment programs. The key of our method that has proven successful for thousands of people worldwide, lies in bringing the patient into a feeling of indifference towards the drug. Popular naltrexone centre Dr Vorobiev meets the highest European medical standards in treatment of all kind of drug addiction, providing real recovery experience in a clean and friendly environment in Belgrade.

What is Naltrexone used to treat?

Naltrexone is a opiate antagonist that blocks drug receptors in the brain. During naltrexone program it is impossible to relapse because Naltrexone blocks the effects of alcohol and opioid drugs (heroin, crack cocaine or morphine), so if you try to use alcohol or drug while drug blocker implant is in your body,you will not feel any effect. Because of Naltrexone therapeutic effect consumption of opiates becomes pointless since effect of drug is neutralised. For decades already Naltrexone pellet implant therapy is helping people in their fight against alcohol and drug dependence. Naltrexone treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction is actually an alternative therapy to methadone, suboxone and buprenorphine, but what you may not know is that Naltrexone does not cause physically addiction or opiate withdrawal symptomswhen it’s stop taken.

Implant for drug dependency as insurance against relapse?

Initially, Naltrexone was available in the form of naltrexone pills or naltrexone oral tablets with a duration of action of 36 hours. Several decades after modern medical science has made inexpensive, long-acting Naltrexone implants and naltrexone depot injections that slowly release Naltrexone over a period of several months. Unlike the naltrexone tablets, today available Naltrexone in implant form is a good relapse prevention therapy since does not allow the patient to forget to take his medicine or perhaps to give up his substance abuse recovery plan. The possibility that patient changes his mind is eliminated which certainly creates a dose of relief at a person. Inserted below the skin within the lower abdominal wall, implant for drug addiction releases Naltrexone gradually,protecting former addict from potential relapse. Implantation process at naltrexone centre Dr Vorbiev is a minor surgical intervention under local anesthesia, a completely painless and safe procedure.

The most affordable naltrexone prices in Europe

How long does the naltrexone implant last.Naltrexone program is usually prescribed for a period of several months if person benefits from its, which is long enough for recover addict’s mind of drug and withdrawal symptoms. Depending on patient's financial possibilities and other individual factors of the treatment, there are available many other opioid antagonist drug forms for a various period of time and naltrexone pellet cost for every budget (2 month therapy with anti drug implant, 3 month, 4 month, 6 month and 12 month drug blocker implant).Naltrexone prices at Dr Vorobiev are extremely affordable compared to other European naltrexone centers.So if you are looking for a low-cost naltrexone depot implantation at a reputable implant clinic just browse naltrexone addiction treatment stories of our patients from all over the world - they are best advocades of our quality!

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Initial consultation at our addiction recovery service is free of charge Vorobiev implant clinic is open to patients from all countries, suffering from alcoholism and any type of drug addiction. We are looking forward to seeing you in Belgrade!


I was on ultra rapid detoxification which, as I said, succeded my expectations and I really didn’t think being this easy. In my experience this clinic is definitely the best way to withdraw. And they put the naltrexone in, which doesn’t hurt at all, and then it keeps you safe for three months. So in my experience, this is definitely the best one.


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heroin addiction naltrexone implant

Patient from Paris, heroin addiction for 6 years. Passed ultra rapid opioid detoxification, 5 day in-patient treatment. Received 12 month naltrexone blocker

neuro jet therapy naltrexone implant

Heroin addict for 10 years. Up to 8.0 gr pure heroin intravenously, daily dose. 7 days of rapid opioid detoxification, included 3 anesthesia procedures. Pharmacological support and neuro jet therapy. Naltrexone treatment is planned…

rapid opioid detox naltrexone implant

Patient from Australia. 48 years old. Crystal Meth and heroin addiction for 20 years. Physical and psychological dependence on heroin. Passed rapid opioid detoxification and received long term naltrexone blocker

ibogaine treatment and naltrexone treatment

Hard core multiple drug addiction. Methadone use combined with long term heroin addiction. Full course of drug addiction treatment and ibogaine therapy on naltrexone clinic Dr Vorobiev in Belgrade Europe. Currently is on long term naltrexone program

heroin addict  naltrexone implant 3 month

Patient from UK on naltrexone program in Europe. Heroin addict for fifteen years. Up to 1.0 gr. daily dose of street heroin by smoking on foil. Underwent ultra rapid opioid detoxification on European rehabilitation centre in Serbia, received naltrexone pellet

methadone detox naltrexone implant

Patient from Sweden, 12 years of drug addiction problems. Critical septic condition with symptoms of thrombosis and multiple organ failure as a result of using drugs intravenously – methadone of 60mg daily. Detoxification from methadone, received long term naltrexone pellet for prophylactic purpose

Naltrexone Addicton Treatment, Photo from Clinic, Sept 2013.

The reason I agreed to give this interview was because I think as a parent I should advise other parents to choose this road for their child.  As within 14 days I’ve seen my son completely different then when we arrived.“ 






Heroin addiction treatment with naltrexone therapy: Drug addiction treatment on rehabilitation centre in Belgrade

“So, today is my last day in the clinic, and i feel good, very good! I can walk I feel brilliant. In the future any my friends I will definitely recommend to them. And my future plans its to remain clean, mainly for my family.“

Naltrexone treatment in Europe, patients in Belgrade

 Naltrexone therapy for heroin addiction: Patient from England UK on naltrexone clinic in Belgrade this summer.

Naltrexone treatmnet for drug addiction on rehab Dr Vorobiev

Naltrexone treatment clinic Dr Vorobiev helped thousands of patients from all over the world (United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, USA, Turkey, Iceland, Ireland, UK, Australia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Norway, Pakistan, Germany, Poland, Ireland) to win their fight against drug addiction. We hope their naltrexone reviews will help give you encouragement in your fight against drug addiction and inspire others to share their story with us.

Implant for heroin addiction, naltrexone treatment

“I want to change my life, change my hobby and do my job as I used to, looking people in the eyes.“





Implant for heroin addiction: Patient from Italy addicted on heroin on drug rehabilitation centre in Serbia


Naltrexone therapy for cocaine addiction

“After a few procedures I started to feel a lot better. I didnt have withdrawals as offten and that made me feel more comfortable with the doctors and made me trusted them more that they really are able to help me. And at the end of the program, now I feel lot healthier. I’ve been sleeping well, I don’t have as much anxietyNow I plan to go on to rehabilitation center and after that of cource go back home and I’m excited to start doing activities again which I couldn’t do when I was under the influence of drugs.“



Drug addiction treatment with naltrexone for patient addicted on cocaine, pills and marijuana at rehab Dr Vorobiev

Naltrexone Heroin Addiction Therapy“Again I can have a normal life and dream of other things like all the other people. Currently I’m bringing my life in order again. I don’t need anything – I feel good! What can I say!? I’m bringing my life in order. Without the police, without the felonies I committed. One more thing I want to say – whoever decides to quit drugs, has a real chance there!“




Naltrexone program for heroin users35 years old patient that has been heroin user for sixteen years recived implant

Implant for drug addiction

People are very kind and pleasant, they help whenever they can and I have to say that it’s worth every cent. I’m very surprised that more people have not dared to come here?! I’m very grateful for a chance I got because from the moment I left here I am a new person. I think differently, I live differently, my whole outlook on life has changed and drugs don’t exist anymore in my head.



Naltrexone therapy for opiate addiction with patient addicted on opiates for 14 years at hospital Dr Vorobiev

Implant for amphetamines abuse

“We can talk about some serious success rates here. As far as we know, everyone wh came here had very positive experience, and that convinced us to come to this clinic.“





Implant for amphetamines addiction: Story about married couple addicted on amphetamines, cocaine and heroin,  MMCkamikazeFMC and 4-FA

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