Naltrexone implant treatment with patient from England UK

“So, today is my last day in the clinic, and i feel good, very good! I can walk I feel brilliant. In the future any my friends I will definitely recommend to them. And my future plans its to remain clean, mainly for my family.“

Long term naltrexone implant for heroin addiction

This is the story about one of our many patients from United Kingdom who were being on drug addiction treatment at the international clinic Dr. Vorobiev this summer. Patient started smoking drugs while he was at school, in early mid-80’s, and as he says, he left school smoking marijuana heavily. During his studies at dancing parties he was smoking acid tabs and marijuna at the same time, and after some time he also added alcohol in that mixture. In the late of 80’s heroin came to England scene and some of his friend became addicted to heroin. That drug was entered in his life and he was smoking heavily every day. When cocaine came to the streets of England thay left heroin and that was actually the worst time of his life, as he says, because crack started to destoying him. He is trying to describe for us the scene in England in the nineties when heroin took over in UK every big city. He and his friend had problems with heroin abuse and they were still taking heroin in 2002, when decided that 13 or 14 years of slavery to drugs was more than enough so he started doing rehabs in England. He was also get married while his wife didn’t know that he was an drug addict. When he finally admitted to his wife she persuaded him to start drug rehabs in England where he was introduced to oral naltrexone and naltrexone implants. During his time in rehabilitation centres in United Kingdom he had several drug addiction treatments with naltrexone implant. Since 2002 he was trying to get rid of drugs with naltrexone implant therapy in England.

The main motivation for him to come here was his familiy. His children means a lot to him so he promised to his wife to stay clean and he say that he will keep that promise. Naltrexone therapy should be given for 12 months to him. Patient explains why the treatment in England is so different from the treatment at the rehab centre Dr. Vorobiev. Would he definitely recommend everybody to come to this hospital? Why is clinic Dr. Vorobiev one of the best rehab centres in the world? Find out more by watching our patients testimonial videos.

Patients from England on European naltrexone implant clinic

Our patients always recommend other people who have problems with drug addiction not be skeptical about coming to Serbia, to be in foreign country or not knowing the culture. Special russian clinic Dr Vorobiev in Belgrade has 20 years of experience with patients from all over the world: United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, USA. Don’t wait until is too late! Healing is possible with Dr Vorobiev treatment method! Contact us today and get free consultations!



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