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How Does Implant-Naltrexone Pellet Work?

Implant due to containing the main active ingredient of Naltrexone in special form reliably blocks opiate receptors of the human brain for long term excluding any euphoric effect of the drugs (opium, heroin or methadone), narcotic analgesics (morphine, Tramal) and their surrogates.

The Advantages of the Naltrexone Implant Treatment

The main advantage of Naltrexone implant treatment is convenience and efficiency of action. The blocker once has been implanted subcutaneously, is gradually being released from depot and provides a constant therapeutic concentration of naltrexone in blood, thereby creating a continuous process of protection from drug use. In this case there is no need for daily monitoring of naltrexone intake by a doctor, relatives and by the patient himself. Naltrexone therapy does not limit the freedom of the patient in recovery.

Due to its unique properties Naltrexone implant can effectively treat other chemical (alcohol, cocaine and other drugs) and non-chemical addictions as well (gambling, internet addiction, etc.)

What is the Duration of the Naltrexone Implant?

Implant-naltrexone pellet (or Naltrexone implant) is a long-lasting medicine with a duration of up to 8-10 weeks and longer. The new generation implants do not contain magnezium stearate and triamcinolone, but a polymeric carrier which provides even release of active substance into a blood stream for 6 or 12 months.

What is the Effectiveness of Naltrexone Treatment?

According to the results of practical application and scientific research the implant-naltrexone pellet is a pathogenic agent (means that it affects the main mechanism of dependence) which explains much better results than all previously known treatments for drug addiction.

What are Naltrexone Therapy Side Effects?

What are the contraindications for naltrexone threatment and what are the naltrexone therapy side effects? Is it safe drug addiction treatment?

Implant-naltrexone pellet is a safe medicine that is easily tolerated by the patients and virtually has no contraindications. The most common naltrexone side effects affected only a small minority of drug addicts , so side effects are extremely rare. For their exclusion and timely correction it is recommended to use Naltrexone under supervision of experienced physicians.

Prolonged and profound scientific pre-clinical and clinical researches have been done. Liquid form of prolonged naltrexone -palmitate Vivitrol is registered in USA. Naltrexone is approved for medical use by the Ministry of Health Affair of Russian Federation under the name of Prodetoxon. It is widely used in European countries as well: Latvia, Norway, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany. F.A.Q. about Naltrexone implant

How Long is it Necessary to Use Naltrexone Implant?

If the total length of drug dependence is less than 1 year, it is recommended to keep opioid receptors blocked for 3-6 months, if drug experience is 1 year and longer— Naltrexone implant therapy must last for at least 6-18 months. Optimal solution is the continuous protection by implant-naltrexone pellet for one year. Repeated Naltrexone implantations may be an unlimited number of times if it isnecessary The duration of treatment and the number of repeated implantations are determined by a doctor and a patient.

Dr Vorobiev rehab centre clinic is a successful private Russian clinic that treats addictions and compulsive behaviors like gambling. Clinics of Dr Vorobiev also specialize in treating depression, panic attacks, social phobia and stuttering.

The method of drug detoxification used at Dr Vorobiev clinics is painless. The patient doesn’t lose any appetite, sleep doesn’t go through physical or emotional suffering. Patients who go through drug detox or alcohol detox are of fragile health, and as such, shouldn’t be treated harshly. All of this is taken in account at Vorobiev clinics.

The clinic in Serbia operates for 7 years already, and has achieved excellent results. success rates are very encouraging. 79% of patients treated had not used a narcotic 1 year after their naltrexone implant treatment.
What furthermore distinguished this clinic is the possibility of getting treated anonymously. Discretion is guaranteed. The patients are also checked for other medical problems which may or may not be connected to drug or alcohol addiction.
Each and every patient is approached to differently. The doctors take in account many factors and apply individual drug addiction treatment which differs depending on the problem and illnesses the patient has.
Naltrexone depot injection can be used instead of the naltrexone implants.



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