Naltrexone implant after ibogaine treatment

Naltrexone implant program and ibogaine therapy

Center for rehabilitation Dr Vorobiev in Belgrade offers a high quality naltrexone implant treatment for all types of drug addiction: methadone addiction, heroin addiction, alcohol addiction treatment, cocaine addiction, etc. Rehab clinic Dr Vorobiev is licensed and controlled by Ministry of Health of Serbia and it is also a member of several associations of medical tourism. You can find more useful information about Dr Vorobiev therapy methods on our webpages or simply watch our Naltrexone testimonials videos

Naltrexone treatment is the best choice for people who passed detox from drug and patients that are highly motivated to stay in recovery from addictive substance. This is a video with our patient from Paris, hard core multiple methadone addict combined with many years heroin addiction. He received Ibogaine therapy and stayed on long term naltrexone implant program. Find more by watching the video.

What are benefits of treatment with naltrexone? How naltrexone implant treatment can help? Find more informations about history of opiate receptor blockers, naltrexone in the diagnosis and treatment of opioid dependence.


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