Was Hitler’s extreme war influenced by his drug addiction?

Was Hitler Addicted to Amphetamines?

Hitler the drug addict? The recent revelations have led some historians to speculate about Hitler’s wars. Did drug addiction turned an egomaniac into a mass murderer so he sent millions of innocent people to their death? Recently attracted the attention of the public a new explosive TV documentary based on recently-discovered records from Hitler’s physician Dr Theodore Morell.

Medical documents show that doctor Morell fed him more than 80 different drugs each day that made him a Nazi superman. Adolf Hitler regularly consumed a cocktail of amphetamines, rat poison, bull semen and morphine. He also used powdered cocaine to clear his sinuses and eye-drops infused with 10 % cocaine. Fuhrer had typical signs of amphetamine addiction and cocaine abuse.

Morell confessed to administering opiates, amphetamines, morphine and barbiturates when he was accused of criminal negligence. Some doctors believed that Morell’s methods were controversial and that he was a double agent trying to poison Fuhrer. The report also state Morell injected Hitler a kind of testosterone preparation to boost his libido so he could keep up with his young lover Eva Braun.

According to a National Geographic documentary Hitler was a manic depressive hypochrondriac with deformed genitals and psychiatrist professor Nassir Ghaemi claims Hitler’s amphetamines addiction exacerbated his manic depression. Hitler had bipolar disorder and amphetamines  side effects made it worse.


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