Treatment for amphetamine dependence with a married couple

Amphetamines addiction treatment in Europe

“We can talk about some serious success rates here. As far as we know, everyone who came here had very positive experience, and that convinced us to come to this clinic.

What happens when a married couple who have children become drug addict for a long period of time? This is a story about a patient that used drugs for ten years – he began with pot, all the way to amphetamine, cocaine and heroin, and his wife has been using amphetamine, MMC, kamikaze, FMC and 4-FA for three years. As they say, they tried to beat drug addiction with medications, but they failed. One day from their friends and on the internet they found out about rehab centre Dr Vorobiev. Maried couple spent two weeks at our hospital in Belgrade and underwent drug addiction treatments, strictly following instructions which helped them to winn their fight against drug. They recommend rehab clinic Dr Vorobiev to any drug addict, or any ex-drug addict who cannot deal with drug addiction problems yet. We would like to thank our patients for sharing their testimonial story with us.

Naltrexone implant clinic for amphetamines addiction

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