Antabuse Alcohol Treatment with Naltrexone Pellet

Is it Possible to Prevent Relapse with Naltrexone Depot?

Naltrexone implant therapy is a very effective drug addiction treatment that allows monitoring the patient’s condition and keeping him away the drugs. Naltrexone pellet for under skin insertion or naltrexone injection (naltrexone depot in oil) have a very strong affinity to the opiate receptors in the brain and that is the way implant protects a patient from relapse from drug or alcohol addiction. Naltrexone therapy is a revolutionary method in drug addiction treatment. Naltrexone implants have from 2 to 12 months long effect and they disappear from the body until the end of that period.

Use of the alcohol  becomes impossible or even very dangerous. Pharmacological blockade is an effective method of treatment for alcohol addiction because it allows the patients to remain socially active without being locked in naltrexone implant clinics for months. The patient realises that alcohol use is impossible. It allows the patients to be protected from possible relapse in the most difficult period of staying away from the alcohol, so addiction treatment with naltrexone depot creates the experience of sobriety.

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