Naltrexone treatment for heroin addiction

Implant against heroin addiction

I want to change my life, change my hobby and do my job as I used to, looking people in the eyes.“

 We would like to thank our patient from Italy for sharing his testimonial story with us. Alberto came to the European rehab centre Dr Vorobiev as an heroin addict for five years. He smoked 2-3 grams of heroin before he decided to go on drug rehabilitation in Serbia. Why did Alberto decide to come for a treatment in foreign country? Why that happened? As patient says, he has been trying to beat drug addiction but he suffered pains. Treatment on rehab clinic Dr Vorobiev was painless – almost nothing compared to drug addiction treatment in Italy what is actually swapping one adictive substance for another that also causes addiction. He spend 14 days on drug rehabilitation in Serbia where he had 3 ultra rapid detoxies and ibogaine treatment therapy. Find out more by watching the video.

Watch more drug rehab patient testimonials on our webpages! What are the advantages of the naltrexone therapy over the other drug addiction treatment methods such as methadone treatment? If you are looking for the affordable price of drug addiction treatment in Europe – you are at the right place! Our clinic offers naltrexone treatment at the most affordable prices!



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