Addiction treatment with 3 month naltrexone implant

Naltrexone therapy with patient from England

This is a video with a patient from England on rehab centre Dr Vorobiev in Belgrade. The young man had been heroin addict for fifteen years with daily dose of heroin up to 1.0 gr. We asked him how did he decided to come on naltrexone implant treatment in Serbia? He found our clinic on internet by his research and that was amongst the best rehab centre in Europe that was available to him. Patient has been using heroin for twenty five years and his options are tended to be quite limited. Dr Voorbiev team were very helpful in getting him over to Serbia so he was accepted within 2 weeks.

He says that for detox in England you have to be on a waiting list from nine to twelve weeks. Coming down to Serbia was an totally different experience for him. He was met at the airport and picked up by staff of the clinic. The naltrexone implant therapy in Belgrade succeded his expectations, and the most important: the price of naltrexone implant is very affordable in Serbia. Find out more by watching the video.

What is the duration of the naltrexone implant pellet? What is the effectiveness of naltrexone implant treatment? How long is it necessary to use naltrexone implant in drug addiction treatment?


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