Heroin addict received 12 month Naltrexone implant

Heroin addiction treatment with naltrexone

International special rehab clinic Dr Vorobiev uses the latest techniques and innovations for drug addiction treatment. Availability of modern medical equipment on this European rehabilitation centre and highly effective pharmacological therapy ensures the comfortable and 100% safe naltrexone implant treatment for all types of drug addiction. Dr Vorobiev reputable methods for drug addiction treatments such as detoxification from heroin, detox from methadone, detox from alcohol and naltrexone implant therapy are used in many countries all over the world and checked by international researches. The high success rate of Dr Vorobiev method for drug addiction and highly skilled medical professionals hold the hope for your healthiest life.

We made a video with a patient from Paris that has been heroine addict for six years. After ultra rapid opioid detoxification he received 12 month naltrexone implant, and he is very satisfied with the result of the naltrexone treatment in Belgrade. Our rehabilitation centre that meets the highest European medical standards has patients from all over the world: Germany, Italy, USA, United Kingdom, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary, Sweden.

Drug addiction treatment with naltrexone implant or methadone? Which therapy is better? What is the final result of naltrexone implant therapy treatment? What method is safer? I there a single method of drug addiction treatment or pharmacological agent that would guarantee 100% оf success in treatment?


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