Heroin addiction treatment in Europe with naltrexone implants

The reason I agreed to give this interview was because I think as a parent I should advise other parents to choose this road for their child.  As within 14 days I’ve seen my son completely different then when we arrived.“ 

What to do if your child relapses with drugs?

We made a story about a family that had to face with the problems when their third child became involved with drugs. They had made many efforts to get away their son from heroin addiction and but a couple years after he relapsed and kept that secret from his family. When parents realized that – he was in a very serious, serious situation. They did a lot of research and they discovered rehabilitation clinic in Europe for treatment with naltrexone implants, that does a lot of work with not just detoxification, but a lot of work in changing the attitude in a way that mind deals with the situations they have to do with the addiction.

 Right now he feels strong and confident and he can face the world again and start to rebuild him, go on with his family life, with his career. He is trying to turn another page in his life and we are hoping for best for him from now on. I’d like to thank them once again. Thank you!

Dangerous from relapsing from drugs

What happens when you releapse? When a preson is clean, in recovery and releapses? What happens when ex drug addict releapses and use the same amount od addictive substance? What addicts need to know is that is very dangerous when you releapse and use the same dose of drug again. What happens when you pick the same amount when you were an active user? And, since your body had time to get clean that what you get is too much! Heroin is in different purity levels and your body reacts different. And that is why parents need to have their discutions with their children and be part of the programm. Read more about heroin detoxification and naltrexone for heroin addiction on our webpages.

 Please, if you need help, call these doctors, they will advise you and make a programme that is suitable to your needs, and the needs of your child!

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