Naltrexone implant against heroin receptors

Heroin Naltrexone Implant Story

Naltrexone treatment clinic Dr Vorobiev helped thousands of patients from all over the world (United Kingdom, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, USA Italy, Germany, Poland) to win their fight against alcohol and drug addiction. Our patients are the best advocates for what we do! We hope these testimonial stories will help give you encouragement in your fight against drug addiction and also inspire others to share their story with us.

Naltrexone implant is the best choice for people who passed detox from opiates and highly motivated to trying to get rid of drugs and stay in recovery. This testimonial story is about a patient who grew up in the United States and began to use painkillers like roxies and oxies. Shortly after that he was starting to use heroin. Then last year in december he came he went to Europe – Serbia where he was born. He find our special clinic for alcohol and drug addiction treatment on the internet and our doctors team sad that thay can help. Patient had detox for five days after that he was offered naltrexone implant against heroin receptors along with a mantal block.

We would like to thank our patient for sharing his testimonial story with us. Find more drug rehab and alcohol treatment patient testimonials on our webpages!

If you’re wondering what are the advantages of the naltrexone therapy over the other methods for drug addiction medicine please visit our wepage about naltrexone implant International clinic Dr Vorobiev offers naltrexone treatment in Europe at affordable prices!


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