Naltrexone Implant Cost

What is the Cost of Naltrexone Implant Pellet in Europe

Naltrexone implant treatment on rehab clinic Dr Vorobiev is cost-effective. The cost of the:

2 month naltrexone implant is 400 Euro

3 month naltrexone implant is 500 Euro

6 month naltrexone implant is 1800 Euro

12 month naltrexone implant cost is 2500 Euro


Naltrexone implant cost in Europe, low cost of naltrexone pellet

Naltrexone implant cost in Europe on rehabilitation clinic Dr Vorobiev

Vivitrol Injection

Injection of naltrexone palmitate –Vivitrol (vivitrol injection naltrexone in oil form) for a period of 4 weeks costs 200 euros.

Despite the relatively high cost of naltrexone implants, their treatment outcome is significantly higher than that of traditional, ultimately no less expensive but less effective methods. Plus the savings on the absence of acquisition to buy drugs, of course.

When Should I Start Naltrexone Treatment?

The patient must abstain from using opiates for at least 7-10 days before start Naltrexone drug addiction treatment (Naltrexone implant therapy) or immediately after opioid detoxification. 

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