Naltrexone implant treatment for opiates

Naltrexone implant treatment for opiate dependence

People are very kind and pleasant, they help whenever they can and I have to say that it’s worth every cent. I’m very surprised that more people have not dared to come here?! I’m very grateful for a chance I got because from the moment I left here I am a new person. I think differently, I live differently, my whole outlook on life has changed and drugs don’t exist anymore in my head.

We are pleased to present numerious testimonial videos of our patients from around the world, and also very grateful to people who decided to share their stories with us. We can hope that their stories will inspire many others who do not believe in the recovery from drug addiction. Clinic Dr Vorobiev offers a high quality naltrexone implant treatment for all types of drug addiction. Naltrexone implant therapy on well-known international hospital is 100% safe, comfortable and painless because our team of doctors are highly skilled medical professionals. With modern medical equipment this European rehab centre uses the latest techniques and innovations for drug addiction treatment. And most important, we offer affordable drug abuse treatment program in Europe.

Doctors made a video with a patient who was addicted on opiates for 14 years untill he started to suffer from psychosis and couldn’t sleep nor eat. He says that he wasn’t abble to participate in his own life any more and didn’t feel well. When he heard about Dr Vorobiev institution he considered a drug addiction treatment again because none of the treatment in the past heped him. The treatment that lasted two weeks wasn’t easy for him because he was on a big dose of morphine. What are his impressions about the clinic Dr. Vorobiev? As he says, he’s completely different person now and he is grateful for that because once again he participate in his own life. He advises everyone who has problem with drug addiction to come here and to take this chance for recovery from drug addiction seriously.

Contact us today and get free consultations with the clinic specialists. Center for rehabilitation Dr Vorobiev in Europe has two decades of successfully treatment for all types of addiction: methadone addiction, heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, alcohol addiction treatment. International rehab hospital is licensed and controlled by Ministry of Health of Serbia.


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