Drug Addiction Recovery with Naltrexone Implants

Drug Rehab Revolution with Naltrexone Implants

Naltrexone began to be used in modern medicine in the early nineties in America, then in Germany, followed by clinics around the world naltrexone is implanted to thousands of people from all overy the world.

Naltrexone therapy is a revolution in the drug addiction treatment. Problems with the disciplined reception of naltrexone pills  for alcohol and drug addiction have interested scientists to search for new sulutions in relapse protectionopiate blocker pellet implants in modern rehabilitation medicine with important advantages. Implant is specially formulated  preparations of naltrexone that makes relapse protection more effective than oral naltrexone and impossible to forget to take naltrexone pill or perhaps give up the rehabilitation. On this way the patient feels more peaceful and confident.

Naltrexone implant blocks effects of drugs (opiates, drugs and alcohol) by their gradually releasing into the blood just as if the patient is taking the naltrexone pills every day. Naltrexone blocks the opioid receptors so the effects od drugs are impossible. Naltrexone implants actively provide relapse protection for a longer period of time and and does not cause withdrawal when one stops the naltrexone medication.

Naltrexone-depot pellet is a safe medicine that is easily tolerated by the patients. The most common naltrexone side effects affected only a small minority of drug addicts , so naltrexone treatmnet side effects are extremely rare. For their exclusion and timely correction it is recommended to use naltrexone under supervision of experienced medical proffesionals.

The process of implementation of naltrexone implants in the body means small surgical intervention under local anesthesia during 20-30 minutes. Opiate blocker pellet implants are inserted in the lower abdomen or at the back of the upper arm, through a two centimeter incision. Naltrexone implant doesn’t have to be removed, it will entirely dissolve and completely disappear after several months. There is also a oil solution of naltrexone blocker: naltrexone-depot in oil or naltrexone injection.

It is not easy to estimate how long could an naltrexone implant for each individual patient to last. Our naltrexone implant clinic in Europe offers following types of naltrexone implants: 2 month naltrexone implants, 3 month naltrexone implants, 6 month naltrexone implants and 12 month naltrexone implants.


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