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There are many discussions regarding the substance naltrexone, an opioid receptor antagonist which blocks the effect of opiates like heroin and central nervous system depressant like alcohol. this drug is marketed as hydrochloric salt under brand names of Revia, Vivitrol and Depade.

It’s used for rapid detox in both alcohol addiction and drug addiction treatment. Naltrexone has been found a safe solution for treatment of alcohol dependence, but regarding opioid dependence there are some doubts because the opioid receptors become sensitized and if the patient who is on naltrexone uses an opiate, they might overdose more easily.

In Belgrade, treatment with naltrexone is possible at the private Russian clinic Dr Vorobiev

Here are some news about this drug:

Contrave diet pill found safe, effective [July 30, 2010. /]

Researchers have found Contrave pill safe and effective in treatment of obese patients. Contrave is a mix of naltrexone, customarily used for treatment of opioid and alcohol dependence and  bupropion, an antidepressant used in treatment of depression and nicotine dependence.

Participants of the study started losing weight 4 weeks after beginning the treatment, and maintained lowered weight all throughout 56 weeks of the trial.

U.S. FDA (food and Drug Administration) will review contrave on December 7. this year.

Naltrexone helps social drinkers quit smoking too [March 29, 2009. /]

Heavy social drinkers who took naltrexone for 8 weeks experienced significant decrease in drinking rates. Researchers found that among heavy drinkers, naltrexone brought higher results in quitting smoking too than a placebo (80% vs 52%).

Naltrexone helps treat autoimmune disorders [August 02, 2010. /]

Low dose Naltrexone is a generic drug that is approved as an aid in battling autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease and chronic fatigue syndrome. Many speakers from all around the world gathered to give their opinions at the first European conference about the drug.

Dr. Tom Gilhooly who organized the conference, claims he has seen beneficial results of thw drug in many patients. He says that the drug itself has little setbacks and is not toxic. The drug is administered in liquid form and costs about 15 pounds a month.


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