Naltrexone therapy with a woman from UK

Naltrexone therapy for heroin and crack addiction

On our European rehab centre Dr Vorobiev we have patients from all ove the world (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweeden, Germany, Poland, Greece, Italy, Hungary) The clinic that offers a high quality naltrexone implant treatment for all types of drug addiction and alcohol addiction is well-known international rehabilitation centre that operates in field of drug addiction medicine for more than fifteen years.

Here is an interesting testimonial video with our patient from United Kingdom, 29 year old woman that started using drugs at seventeen and progressed on crack and heroin at twenty one. She had tried two detoxes in United Kingdom which didn’t help to recover drug addiction. The naltrexone implant treatment in Belgrade succeded her expectations. She didnt think it would be so easy, and according to her, naltrexone implant detoxification is not a horrible procedure or torture at all. Why she decided to go on naltrexone therapy in Europe? How does she see the future life after recovering drug addiction? Find out by watching the video.

What is the cost of naltrexone implant therapy? When should I start naltrexone treatment? Naltrexone implant therapy doesn’t suit every drug addict, there are some criteria making a patient eligible for naltrexone implant treatment, read more..


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