Rapid opioid detoxification and neuro jet therapy, naltrexone implant 12 month

Naltrexone implant treatment for heroin addiction

European rehab centre for alcoholism and drug addiction treatment Dr Vorobiev in Belgrade is well-known international hospital that operates in field of drug addiction medicine for more than 15 years. Our patients from all over the world (USA, United Kingdom, Sweeden, Germany, Italy, Austria , Ireland, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary) successfully passed the different types of naltrexone implant treatment for all types of addiction. Substance abuse treatments with naltrexone implant on our clinic are 100% safe and very comfortable, and our team of doctors are highly skilled medical professionals. This is a story about 27 years old patient that has been hard core heroin addict for ten years with daily dose of pure heroin up to 8.0 gr He got to a point where he couldn’t manage his life anymore, so decided for naltrexone implant therapy in Europe after many different drug rehab clinics in the past. The stuff of clinic were very cooperative and thay helped him with getting the visa, so it took about 15 days to got to Belgrade. The first day in rehab centre he received naltrexone implant detoxification after that he didn’t have any physical symptoms or withdrawal symptoms. He started to believe in recovery from drug addiction after the second procedure and by third one he was completely done with the withdrawal symphtoms. Is he satisfied with the result of the naltrexone treatment in Europe? Find out more by watching the video. What are the advantages of the naltrexone implant treatment over the other methods for drug addiction medicine? Affordable drug addiction treatment program at international clinic Dr Vorobiev.


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