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Heroin addict received 12 month Naltrexone implant

Heroin addiction treatment with naltrexone International special rehab clinic Dr Vorobiev uses the latest techniques and innovations for drug addiction treatment. Availability of modern medical equipment on this European rehabilitation centre and highly effective pharmacological therapy ensures the comfortable and 100% safe naltrexone implant treatment for all types of drug addiction. Dr Vorobiev reputable methods […]

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Rapid opioid detoxification and neuro jet therapy, naltrexone implant 12 month

Naltrexone implant treatment for heroin addiction European rehab centre for alcoholism and drug addiction treatment Dr Vorobiev in Belgrade is well-known international hospital that operates in field of drug addiction medicine for more than 15 years. Our patients from all over the world (USA, United Kingdom, Sweeden, Germany, Italy, Austria , Ireland, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary) […]

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Naltrexone Treatment

How therapy with naltrexone pellet implant can help in drug addiction recovery?

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Naltrexone in drug addiction treatment

Naltrexone Implant Treatment Drug addiction is a complex multifactorial disease. Regular long – term drug abuse undoubtedly results in deleterious changes in chemical and neurophysiological status of human brain. These changes explain such features of drug addiction as growing tolerance (need to increase dose of the drug continuously to achieve the desirable effect), syndrome of […]

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