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Naltrexone anti-heroin implant therapy

Naltrexone treatment for heroin addiction “Again I can have a normal life and dream of other things like all the other people. Currently I’m bringing my life in order again. I don’t need anything – I feel good! What can I say!? I’m bringing my life in order. Without the police, without the felonies I […]

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Long term naltrexone after opioid detox

Naltrexone therapy for heroin addiction International rehab centre Dr Vorobiev has patients from all ove the world (USA, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Greece, Sweeden, Germany, Hungary). This video is about a patient from Australia that had been addicted on heroin for twenty years. He decided to try drug addiction treatment with naltrexone implant therapy on […]

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Naltrexone therapy with a woman from UK

Naltrexone therapy for heroin and crack addiction On our European rehab centre Dr Vorobiev we have patients from all ove the world (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweeden, Germany, Poland, Greece, Italy, Hungary) The clinic that offers a high quality naltrexone implant treatment for all types of drug addiction and alcohol addiction is well-known international rehabilitation […]

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