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Drug Addiction Recovery with Naltrexone Implants

Drug Rehab Revolution with Naltrexone Implants Naltrexone began to be used in modern medicine in the early nineties in America, then in Germany, followed by clinics around the world naltrexone is implanted to thousands of people from all overy the world. Naltrexone therapy is a revolution in the drug addiction treatment. Problems with the disciplined reception […]

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Naltrexone implant against heroin receptors

Heroin Naltrexone Implant Story Naltrexone treatment clinic Dr Vorobiev helped thousands of patients from all over the world (United Kingdom, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, USA Italy, Germany, Poland) to win their fight against alcohol and drug addiction. Our patients are the best advocates for what we do! We hope these testimonial stories will help give you encouragement in […]

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Addiction treatment with 3 month naltrexone implant

Naltrexone therapy with patient from England This is a video with a patient from England on rehab centre Dr Vorobiev in Belgrade. The young man had been heroin addict for fifteen years with daily dose of heroin up to 1.0 gr. We asked him how did he decided to come on naltrexone implant treatment in […]

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Naltrexone News

Naltrexone Therapy Research There are many discussions regarding the substance naltrexone, an opioid receptor antagonist which blocks the effect of opiates like heroin and central nervous system depressant like alcohol. this drug is marketed as hydrochloric salt under brand names of Revia, Vivitrol and Depade. It’s used for rapid detox in both alcohol addiction and drug addiction treatment. Naltrexone […]

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Naltrexone in drug addiction treatment

Naltrexone Implant Treatment Drug addiction is a complex multifactorial disease. Regular long – term drug abuse undoubtedly results in deleterious changes in chemical and neurophysiological status of human brain. These changes explain such features of drug addiction as growing tolerance (need to increase dose of the drug continuously to achieve the desirable effect), syndrome of […]

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Modern medication in alcohol treatment

Modern medications in treatment of alcohol addiction How much are they effective? Naltrexone was approved by the FDA for use in the treatment of alcohol dependence in 1994. By definition, Naltrexone is an opioid receptor antagonist used both in the management of alcohol and opioid dependence. Naltrexone works very well because it’s neither addictive nor pleasurable. It […]

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Naltrexone implant blockade

When naltrexone implant blockade can be done? Naltrexone implant therapy can be started only after completion of detoxification from drug and definite absence of withdrawal syndrome. Don’t try to take naltrexone if you used opioids during the seven to ten days before – even taking a small dose it provokes crisis and you won’t be able  to […]

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