Naltrexone anti-heroin implant therapy

Naltrexone treatment for heroin addiction

Again I can have a normal life and dream of other things like all the other people. Currently I’m bringing my life in order again. I don’t need anything – I feel good! What can I say!? I’m bringing my life in order. Without the police, without the felonies I committed. One more thing I want to say – whoever decides to quit drugs, has a real chance there!

Dr Vorobiev methods that are used in many countries all over the world and checked by international researches ensure the comfortable and 100% safe naltrexone implant treatment for all types of drug addiction. Hospital offers a responsible high quality treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. With Dr. Vorobiev’s method patient becomes completely indifferent to drugs thanks to individual approach in addiction recovery therapy program.

We made a video with a patient 35 years old that has been using drugs for fifteen or sixteen years before he came on our drug rehabilitation center in Serbia. In the beginning he was using light drugs, but as it usually is, he was later moved to hard drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and he injected intravenously too. Drugs destroyed his life, as he says. He had problems with the police and with his family. Patient started with varous therapies for drug addiction but they never worked until he heard for clinic Dr Vorobiev. He spend two weeks on treatment for heroin addiction in Belgrade and after that he didn’t consume drugs any more. Sometimes patients have dream of drugs, but that became less and less frequent with time.  Are patients satisfied with the results of the naltrexone treatment in Belgrade? Find out by waching our testimonial video.

International rehab clinic Dr Vorobiev uses the latest techniques and innovations for drug addiction treatment. Our rehabilitation centre that meets the highest European medical standards has 20 years of experience and patients from all over the world: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, USA, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden.

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